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In this site you will have to add a comment of the news you will read about.

You will have to write your opinioin about a news

In case of doubt, just go to the "discussions" button. There you will find a chat where you can ask for help in case you need it.

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What you have to do is simple, just write short 5 lines telling your opinion about what you read. Remember, it has to be coherent and use proper grammar.

First, you write your name. Then you have to say if your against or in favor. Right after that, explain why you took that position. Here you have to give reasons that prove you're right. Finally, you have to write about how does the news affects you.

Click on the "contribute" button and then chose "edit this page" to give your comment. Write it below here in the "comments" section and remember to click on the "save page" button once you finished it.

News: Older mothers may raise happier children Edit


New research says that children of older mothers grow up to be happier. It also says children will have fewer behavioural, social and emotional problems.

Researchers from a university in Denmark looked at data from 4,741 mothers. The lead researcher said we are, "more mentally flexible" and more tolerant of others as we get older. He said this could be why older mothers do not scold and hit their children as much as younger mothers. He added that, "this style of parenting can [lead] to a positive psycho-social environment" as the child grows up.

The research said the average age of the mothers when pregnant was 31. Older mothers worry less during pregnancy. They are usually happier and more positive about becoming parents and about children. This may mean they are more caring. Older mothers also have more stable relationships; they have more money; and they have a better education. Researchers also found that children with older mothers have better language skills than those with younger mothers. This may be because older mothers spend more time with their children and talk to them more.

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